MGuard Embolic Protection Stent

MGuard Embolic Protection Stent


Branding and Messaging

First impressions make for lasting impressions. Clear and eye-catching branding can make your company stand out from the crowd and make prospects want to do business with you.

Berliner Design creates unique brands that express the company’s personality, values and unique proposition across multiple media. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our work process allows us to identify and connect to your audience in order to streamline sales and marketing processes.


Polyheal Wound Management

Polyheal Wound Management


Online Solutions

When creating a website we focus on the best visual and technological solutions to emphasize your benefits and differentiate you from your competition.

At Berliner Design, we understand that the success of your website lies in creative visuals, user-friendly functionality, easy to read, enjoyable and concise content as well as the most up-to-date programming techniques available in website development today. The right mix of appealing design and high quality content will get site visitors interested in reading more about your company and its added-value propositions.


Lumenis Surgical Division

Lumenis Surgical Division


Marketing Communications

Our goal is to help you identify the right messages and related media you need to communicate with your target market. Our extensive experience in the medical device industry allows us to create effective marketing tools that your clients can relate to. From print materials and website development and design to exhibition booths and stands, we will assist you in communicating your messages in the most effective and creative manner.


Xenolith endourological procedures

Xenolith endourological procedures


Medical Illustrations

A picture is worth a thousand word and a carefully designed illustration can save lengthy explanations by showing exactly where, how and for what purpose the product is used.

Our team has the required anatomical and mechanical knowledge to understand how medical devices, healthcare and pharma products work, as well as the creativity and experience to create attractive visuals that deliver the message clearly and quickly.

In marketing materials our illustrations are used to be eye-catching and convey the company’s advantages to healthcare professional, potential partners, customers, and investors.

We also use medical illustration in labeling and Instructions for Use (IFU) to clarify product use, help users to grasp the way it is used, and prevent mistakes and misunderstandings.


Instructions for use

Instructions for use for medical devices


Labeling & IFU’s

Labeling, Instructions for Use (IFU), user manuals or surgical guidelines are part and parcel of all medical products. Their task is to explain as shortly and as clearly as possible how to use the product correctly to healthcare professional and patients in home care who can be extremely busy, lack medical knowledge or even have memory and concentration problem in the case of elderly patients.

Berliner Design has gained extensive experience over the years in creating labeling packages for submission to the FDA or CE authorities. Our labeling solutions aim to convey to the user a comprehensive understanding of how to use the product through an easy to understand combination of textual and visual instructions.

We support labeling in multiple language, including 24 European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and others.